Useful Candidate Resources

Here's a bunch of useful documents and forms you will need at some point throughout your career with NLG Health.

PDF (Portable Document Format) documents can be downloaded using any browser or mobile platform, printed and completed manually or downloaded completed electronically and then printed or forwarded by email back to us, just follow the instructions on the relevant form.

OF (Online Forms) are links which will redirect you to secure web pages where you can complete or start process based forms completely online or prior to printing.


Blank Timesheet (OF & PDF)

Create and download a single use time sheet, once created, the personalised time sheet can be printed or downloaded as a fillable PDF which you can type in prior to printing and getting signed.

Example Timesheet (PDF)

Here's a sample timesheet completed as a guide so you know exactly how to complete them. Remember: mistakes on timesheet's could potentially delay payment to you so always ensure they are clear and accurate.

Shift Amendment Form (OF)

Use this form to communicate any shift amendments to us that clients may have asked you for directly, this includes different start, end times and new dates altogether.

Guide: Choosing a PAYE Umbrella (PDF)

A short guide to arm you with the right information when choosing a new or your first PAYE Umbrella Company.

Assignment Feedback Form (PDF)

Assignment feedback forms should be complete after each shift/assignment, this is a framework requirement. When working at any Trust operating via NHS Professionals you must complete a feedback form. It's your proof of the shift taking place as often no time sheet will be signed.

Candidate Handbook (PDF)

Here's our candidate handbook/guide.

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